Hello, my name is Josh Lewis.


I am a born and raised Montanan who has been to many other parts of the continent. Working at FVCC has given me a very wide knowledge base in many things like tech, art, literature, etc. I’ve been working with technology for many years and specialize in helping people understand it. I love everything in my field but black and white film photography is my passion.

During my time at FVCC as a student I learned how to use most all programming languages and software. I’ve usually got it covered whether I need to use HTML to hard code website widgets or MySQL to build databases from scratch. I have also formed many deep and lifelong connections with my fellow students who are willing and ready to help out with their own strengths to create anything needed.

I have always had a love for photography but only started shooting professionally several years ago. I have all the skills and equipment to provide services in any genre of photography. I have many cameras (including a Nikon d800) and all the hardware/software to do what needs done for most any client.

I also do a fair amount of consulting to help less than tech savvy people understand computers, their programs and todays very complicated cameras. I specialize in building websites that normal people can do light editing on themselves. I feel as though this new technology should be available and digestible to everyone.